Real Weddings
The real-life stories behind four local weddings.

To Have and To Hold
We show how four different floras—garden roses, dahlias, calla lilies,
and tulips—can steal the show.

Happily Ever After
A fairy-tale wedding story told with showstopper dresses, shoes, and
jewelry to help with that happy ending.

Room and Board
Here are four tableaux for uniquely personal table-setting designs.

A Piece of Cake
It’s easy to turn a wedding cake into a crafty confection.

aisle style

Locally made jewelry means a bride can work with a designer for the perfect color, size, and style.

Table Toppers
Flatware lets you boast a style even when your mouth is full.

Long Live the Honeymoon
The new Mr. & Mrs. can get away with a few essentials: comfy flip-flops, a big floppy hat, and a sense of adventure.

Ask the Expert: Wedding Planner
Linnyette Richardson-Hall brings grace, style, and a sense of humor to the wedding industry.

Ask the Expert: Bridal Couture
Jill Andrews and Sara Mathes are leading the way to make custom wedding dresses more accessible.

The Perfect Match
Five colorful creations from the
masters of munchables.


Just the Basics
Everything you need to know to make the best choice.

Select Baltimore Wedding Locations
Our detailed venue chart has the low-down on 72 popular locations.

At Last
From thousands of Baltimore wedding images, we find one that says it all.

Meet the Editor

Janelle Erlichman Diamond

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