Real Weddings
The real-life stories behind four local weddings.

Rainbow Connection
The idea of the monotone bouquet—whatever the hue—does not need to be boring.

One Fine Day
The way a bride feels on her wedding day is all about the dress.

One Venue, Three Ways
We had local table setting designers take The Walters Art Museum’s Sculpture Court—with its grand marble pillars and statues—and interpret it three very different ways.

And the Cake Wore White
Remember when cakes used to be white? Before they were chocolate brown and pear green and shaped like monuments and pets and had live action parts?

aisle style

Ask the Expert
A calligrapher explains the importance of “the first look of the wedding.”

Green Gifts
Earth-friendly gifts for the eco-chic new couple can be both creative and personal.

Gray Matters
The new neutral is hipper than white and more versatile than black.

Here Comes the Bridesmaid
No matter what you call it— muted grape, plum, prune, merlot, smoky amethyst, fig, lilac, or raisin—this flattering color is fresh and pretty.

It’s All in the Details
Bows, feathers, pleating, sequins, and rhinestones turn an ordinary shoe into a wedding-worthy heel.


Just the Basics
Everything you need to know about gowns, caterers, wedding planners, and more.

Select Baltimore Wedding Locations
Our detailed venue chart has the low-down on 72 popular locations.

Happily Ever After
From thousands of Baltimore wedding images, we find one that says it all.

Meet the Editor

Janelle Erlichman Diamond

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