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Nichole & Brian's Wedding Playlist

Music has always been important to Nichole & Brian's relationship.
Photographs by Kanayo Adibe - 2016

Music has always been important to Local Love couple Nichole Redmond and Brian Duttenhoffer's relationship. One of the first times they hung out, Brian asked to hear Nichole's most-played song on her iPod list and she put on "Beast of Burden" by The Rolling Stones. He, in turn, played Lauryn Hill, who happened to also be one her favorite artists.

So, it was no surprise that music played a big part in their wedding too. Nic interviewed vendors just as she tackles projects as an Under Armour event planner: with intensity, with a list of questions, and looking for the best. Music was especially important to these two, and as she presented her umpteenth DJ with the same scenario—"Picture a very diverse crowd, dinner has just been cleared, the dance floor is empty. What are you going to put on?"—she was thrilled when DJ Titus threw out “Before I Let Go” by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. They spoke on the phone for three hours and made the entire playlist, which you can hear below. “Besides the photos, it’s the one thing that everyone talks about,” says Nic. “Frank Sinatra to Biggie Smalls. Who plays Biggie at a wedding at the Peabody?”

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