Black Tie Budget Bride: Six Ways Wedding Planning Will Consume Your Life

April 26, 2018 by Colleen White

When you think about wedding planning, a few things probably come to mind: excitement, a little bit of stress and cake tastings. While all those things are definitely true, there are some things no one tells you about wedding planning and I’m here to share them with you.

Wedding planning can be a really odd time in your life. You’ve decide to spend the rest of your life with the person you love and instantly you have about 12-18 months of event planning. No one really prepares you for what wedding planning is like. Everyone always talks about what it’s like to get married and what marriage life is like. But how about that weird in between time when your significant other isn’t your boyfriend/girlfriend but not yet your husband/wife either?

1. Calling Them Your Fiancé is Going to be Weird.

This might just be a personal feeling, but every time I called Peter my fiancé, I felt snooty. I would say it sarcastically because it felt so odd to call him that. But at the same time it also felt weird calling him my boyfriend. This went on for the first few months. Even now sometimes I find myself slipping up and calling him my boyfriend. Eventually it’ll start to feel normal. But this was definitely something I wasn’t prepared for!

2. Everyone and Their Mother Will Have An Opinion.

You may think I’m exaggerating on this one but trust me, it’s real. People who barely know you will want to tell you why it’s better to have band over a DJ or why pink flowers are overrated. You just have to ignore them. It’s your wedding day and it’s your decision on what you want it to look like. Your Aunt Susie twice removed has no idea what your wedding budget is or what your vision is for your big day. Just nod your head, smile and do what you think is best.

3. It Will Interfere With Every Aspect Of Your Life.

You will find yourself googling “What flowers are in season during ____” at work. I have been there, done that. It will totally consume every part of your life. There probably won’t be a day that you don’t have something to say about your wedding or something to do with your wedding. Which brings me to my next point . . . 

4. You’ll Want to Talk About it 24/7.

You will find yourself going out of your way NOT to say something about your wedding. There have been times where I’ve been bursting to let someone know we finally decided on an entrance song for our reception. But I have to remind myself that not everyone cares about the small details of your wedding. And when they ask, “How’s wedding planning going?” try not to word vomit all of the details on to them.

5. You Will Be Counting Down the Days.

There might be days where you think this will never end. When you’re losing it over table linen colors or on deciding where your crazy Uncle is going to sit, you are going to be begging for the wedding planning all to be over with. The months will seem like years away and it will almost feel like it’s some surreal event that isn’t even actually going to happen.

6. You Won’t Want it to End.

While it may seem torturous and beyond stressful, this is (most likely) the only time you’ll be getting married. So try to savor every minute of being engaged. Enjoy that time together as a couple going through crazy wedding planning and try to laugh through it. Soon enough it will all be over, you’ll be married and you don’t want to look back and think about how you had just enjoyed it a little bit more.


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