There Will Be Cake: And It Was Delicious

September 30, 2015 by Jessie (Hendrick) Scheerer

I'm really not sure how to begin reliving this past July 4th weekend. It's three days that are so beautifully captured in distinct scenes in my mind, and vivid emotions in my heart that to put it into words seems to restrict it. Talking about how it went, and how I felt, and what fun it was seems superficial when the weekend's events resonate so much deeper, and have constructed so much more meaning in my life.

Photo by Hamilton Photography of our wedding at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Father Meck, who growing up was a figure in my life both in the neighborhood and at St. Paul's School, put it best during our ceremony. He talked about marriage not only being a joining of two souls and two hearts, but a joining of two families. From the wording on our wedding invitation, "with joyous hearts we invite you to a weekend of celebration as two families become one," to the wording on a chalkboard directing guests to their seats, "pick a seat, not a side," we tried to exude this message as part of our wedding.

Photo by Hamilton Photography of our ceremony led by Father Meck, St. Paul's School Chaplain

Photo by Hamilton Photography of our chalkboard that greeted guests and was designed by 2hands Studio.

Photo by Hamilton Photography of our invitations, designed by 2hands Studio, and our bouquets, arranged by Seaberry Farms.

On top of feeling such a spiritual connection to our wedding day it was a FREAKIN' AMAZING PARTY that I cannot begin to write about because well, you DID have to be there!

Photo by Hamilton Photography of Spectrum Band rocking the dance floor

So I think the best thing to do is to share with you some of my favorite pictures taken by the amazing duo of Jason and Virgil from Hamilton Photography, as well as friends, family, and specifically my father-in-law, and my bridesmaid's mother, and fellow SPSG alum, Missie Mack, who captured the moments we couldn't afford the photographers to be at.

Photos by family and friends of the girls getting ready! Brian planned out a series of surprise gifts and letters that the bridesmaid's gave me at different stages of the day. My favorite was a card that read "I have loved you for 3,501 days."

Photos by Hamilton Photography of the groomsmen before the ceremony, Brian and his mom's first dance, our adorable flower girl and ring bearers, and us on the grounds at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club.

Photos by Hamilton Photography of the bridesmaids before the ceremony, the MOHs helping with the bustle, a hankerchief embroidered with lyrics to the song I walked down the aisle too, my father and I's first dance and my mother and I getting ready.

Photos by Hamilton Photography. I LOVE this "not a first look" door photo. In the other photos the bridesmaids chanted "I believe that we will WED!" before the ceremony, and us with the MOHs and best man.

Photos by Hamilton Photography. The bridesmaids insisted they needed a photo carrying Brian, and they snuck peaks before the ceremony started as guests arrived.

Photos by Hamilton Photography. We couldn't wait to get the party started and dance the night away. Also shown is a piece of my mother and my grandmother's wedding dress that was sewn into my dress and embroidered by my mother with the three generations initials and wedding dates.

Photos by Hamilton Photography of the FOOD!! We started the night with beer pairing appetizers and finished the night with milkshakes and burgers.

Photos by Hamilton Photography of all of our St. Paul's School for Boys and School for Girls alumni at the wedding and the Nanas out on the dance floor.

Photograph of the sparkler exit by family and friends. Other three photos by Hamilton Photography. Wes and Brian took over the stage!

Photos by family and friends of our July 4th celebrations the day after the wedding. Brian threw me in the water! What a loving husband. We had a blast with a full set up of Kan Jam, cornhole, badmitten and a slip 'n slide.

Photos by family and friends of July 4th were we also celebrated my grandmother's 95th birthday!

Oh and of course you want to see the cake, right?? It was the most delicious rum pound cake from Graul's Bakery with buttercream icing. I pretty much reenacted a Runaway Bride scene, except rather than fleeing from my man, I was eloping with the first piece of cake! Guess I still have some practice to do with that whole "what's mine is your's" mantra.

Photos by Hamilton Photography


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