Love, A Wedding and Baseball: Top of the Ninth

July 21, 2014 by Kyleigh Karagianis
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Photos by Darrell McDavid Photography.

I am just over a month until the wedding. Seriously? When did that happen? We have been engaged for 17 months, which honestly, seems like forever. But, here we are. In less than two months, I will be married to the man I love.

Everyone that knows me figured that by this point in the process I would be impossible to be around and they considered ways to subdue me if necessary. Remember how I mentioned I was just a litttttttle Type A? Yeah, they all LOVE that about me (haha). To their epic surprise, I am pretty damn close to the picture of calm. We have a lot left to do (all the little details that have to wait till the end…) but I am still super ok with where we are right now.

It helps that this week, I hand my life and wedding over to the amazing ladies of Lemon and Lime and let them hold our hands through the rest of the process.

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I've done a whole hell of a lot myself, from our paper products to several of my accessories. I've also put Steve to work plenty as well and he enjoys the projects I think (he's pretty handy so he likes taking an idea I have and making it come to life). Our guest room looks like I am definitely an alcoholic and a pickle addict, as we have been collecting jars and wine bottles for our entire engagement to use in our centerpieces and décor.

Can we talk about DIYing accessories for a second? Seriously, every item I have made, I've taken apart and remade at least twice per item. My cat ate half my birdcage veil after I'd finished it (no, the irony is not lost on me). My beaded sash literally has my blood, sweat and tears involved (I stabbed myself a lot with a needle while sewing). My flower fascinator – again with the stabbing – was frustrating but cost about 90% less than I could have purchased something similar online.

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If you can DIY, and are even the littlest bit crafty, I suggest trying your hand at something. It is incredibly gratifying to have something you have created be a part of your day. From creating our ceremony together, to writing our own vows, to lots of décor pieces, to accessories, to invites – our wedding is 100% us.

Next steps… my final dress fitting was this weekend. Final payments are due (extremely) soon. Finalizing our MENU!!!! Purchasing all our booze and favors and ordering our flowers happens in the next few days too.

People at work are starting to ask "It's soon right?" "Are you married yet?" "Are you nervous?" Honestly, I am even pretty surprised I'm NOT nervous. I realize there are things I can control (my reaction) and things I cannot (will the flower girls freak out? Will it rain? Will my pregnant bridesmaid give birth at the reception?) so I'm rolling with it and am SO ready to be married already! - Kyleigh Karagianis


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