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August 14, 2013 by Monika Reynolds

When I last updated you guys on where I was at with my planning, I was all over the place. The budget was scaring me. We weren't sure where we were going to have the engagement party. We were about to view our first set of venues for the reception and we were overwhelmed to say the least. I am happy to report that we have gotten the budget under control and have chosen locations for both the engagement party AND wedding reception!! It is a huge weight off of our shoulders and I am so excited to start thinking about the smaller details.

Speaking of the fun details - I am really excited to be working with the girls of Ste. Marie Showers Special Events to plan our engagement party! Kirsten and Megan run a boutique special events firm in Washington DC and Baltimore that specializes in full-service wedding design, styling and production. I first met these girls a few weeks back at the location for our engagement party and I have to first say these girls are HYSTERICAL. It was so fun getting to know them and about their experience planning so many different types of events.


Remember when I said I wanted to have "stress free" wedding planning? Well this is the best choice I could have made to make that happen. The girls from Ste. Marie Showers have a long history of event planning and know all there is to know when it comes to making your event a huge success. Meeting with them was so great because we talked about things that I would have NEVER thought of. They are helping us figure out things like the ratio of food to provide for our number of guests, how many bottles of each type of wine to provide, the logistics of setting the event up, and the list goes on and on! In addition to the logistics, the girls are really helping us take the "French Parisian" theme to the next level. We talked about things like specialty cocktails, twinkle lights, monograms, and all of the little fun details that come along with throwing a great party. One great thing they did was set up a Pinterest board for all of us to pin our inspirations and ideas to for the party. It really helps to give a sense of how you want your event to feel.


We sent out the last of the invitations to the engagement party this week and I am SO excited for this party. I wanted the invites to be fabulous but fun so we chose the ones below. Aren't they ahmazing?! The crazy part about the engagement party is that it is ONE YEAR to the day that we will be getting married next year! It just ended up working out that way when we picked the dates for everything. It sure will be a fun celebration!


-Monika Reynolds

Monika is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at champagne-picnic.com. You can follow her while she builds a fabulous lifestyle on Twitter and Facebook.


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