Meet the Editor

My obsession with flowers began with my own wedding. I wanted to do something different than traditional bouquets, so I had my florist create oversized wrist corsages for my bridesmaids. The impact of those blossoms has stayed with me, and (nearly) 14 years later, it’s still one of my favorite recollections from my wedding. What is it about flowers that is so ineluctably brilliant? Their fleeting beauty? Their intoxicating smell? How they can transform the simple into the exquisite? As Mary Ellen LaFreniere of Steelcut Flower Co., whose flowers grace our cover, says in our issue, “It’s the only living element at the wedding—besides the guests.” But even in my day-to-day life, an arrangement of blooms makes me instantly happy (as my husband knows).

That is selfishly one of the reasons we dedicated a good portion of this issue to flowers. (Luckily, Baltimore Bride art director Staci Lanham, on the right, shares my passion.) But the thing about weddings and flowers is they can be merged in so many different ways. We touch on edible flowers, favor ideas, a bridal shower with an incredible pick-your-own flower cart, and six strategies to keep your wedding flora living long past their expiration date.

Of course, it’s not all flowers. We also have a comprehensive venue list, a feature about the new trend of micro-weddings, a bridal fashion shoot I’m incredibly proud of, and seven fantastic Local Love ceremonies.

Last year, we celebrated our 20th anniversary and, as we look to the future, you’ll see some big changes coming to our favorite magazine. In the meantime, keep falling in love, Baltimore.


Janelle Erlichman Diamond
Managing Editor

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